Program runs but doesn't seem to be able to synchronize with network. Is there more to installing program than just dragging into applications folder?

I'm also confused about why I don't have a Bitcoin folder in Application Support folder of Library folder... (If invisible, how do I make it visible?)

I'm a returning user after being away for about a year.... trying to access an old wallet.dat file saved on USB stick

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    A few more details please. The current Bitcoin-Qt (v0.7.0) works with that version. What version are you running? Does the client show connections? Is the block count stuck, or just loading sloooowwwly? Are you on an encrypted filesystem? – Stephen Gornick Oct 18 '12 at 23:14
  • Bitcoin-QT isnt much a Mac friendly. Despite the fact is for Mac users. I strongly recommend you use Electrum. Which is recommended also by bitcoin.org – Allex Ferreira May 15 '13 at 5:03

Apple 10.7 hides the Users Library folder (where bitcoins saves its stuff), it's there, just not visible. Open terminal and enter chflags nohidden ~/Library to make it visible.

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You can also use the Finder to access the folder Bitcoin-Qt stores the blockchain and its other files:

  • select the Go menu; pick Go To Folder…
  • type ~/Library/Application Support/Bitcoin/
  • press Return
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