Something like "wanted" classified advertisements is needed. Silk Road only sell offensive merchandise, no method to post wanted ads. Interested in purchase electronics, other legal unobjectionable products. Does website like this exist?

  • If you wish to have something specific bought for you, there are many people willing to facilitate this. If it is simply a matter of placing an online order with your address, that is easy. If it needs to be re-shipped to you (e.g., seller doesn't ship to your country), that can be arranged as well. Oct 27 '12 at 16:35

The Marketplace on BitcoinTalk can be used. Simply prefix your post's title with "[WTB]" which means "Want To Buy".


Marketplace board:

Also, the Bitcoin-otc marketplace can be used to place requests, if you are looking to buy.


Bitcoin classifieds http://www.bitcoinclassifieds.net/

Music & other digital goods at http://www.coindl.com


You can buy and sell songs and albums on Bitcoin at Liberty Music Store.

It is 100% legal and geared towards indie artists.

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