Such as in this result: https://blockchain.info/rawtx/6b1c57d98a557b5f578c02f6c386ef049df5890ebddd01d286bf345f47c5cecc

I don't know what ex. the fields "tx_index", "type", "n" mean.

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You can find the documentation for that call, such as it is, here. It's not very helpful.

I can give you a few tips, though.

  • n is the vout of the input. A vout plus a txid unambiguously specify a transaction output, and are collectively known as an outpoint. More.
  • tx_index is a field used by blockchain.info, and has no meaning outside of blockchain.info's api.
  • No idea what type means. Looking at a few transactions at random, it always seems to be zero.

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