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I made a transaction of approx 1 bTC. MT transaction id is https://blockchain.info/tx/44f8a9939776bac1b98dffb4fe72d5ad97f3b2171c3b717677e9ae03b6bcef4d

but it is still unconfirmed even after the 0.0005 Fee.

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  • now it is confirmed – amaclin Mar 8 '17 at 5:05

Don't use fixed fees! Fees are not per transaction, they are per byte (size of the transaction matters).

The size of the transaction is based on how many inputs you use. Mostly, that's not under your control.

You transaction above is 815bytes. You fee: 0.0005 0BTC. ~= 0.000613 BTC/bytes

The current feerate to get confirmed within the next 10 blocks is 0.00136386/1000bytes (March 8th 2017).

Your fee is way to low to compete with other transactions.

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