Please help me i don't know what do to. My friend installed the app and i sent him a payment using the address given by the app without knowing the address is changeable. I sent the bitcoins to this address: 1LtVLn1iGrem6W7vVRz8H48HbJZrbWzFCK. The date was: March 7, 2017. The amount was 0.23985547. The bitcoins was not transferred to him.

Please help me as soon as you can, Thanks in advance.enter image description here

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    Just to be clear, what app is your friend using? The tag "bitcoin-wallet-app" is referring to one specific piece of software, is it that one that he is using?
    – Murch
    May 20 '17 at 17:36

The transaction was already confirmed on Match 7th. Your friend is either lying or has a synchronization problem with their wallet software.


Get your friend to send a report: Options > Report issue. It would be helpful if he would include the above transaction ID (as shown in the screenshot) with the report.

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