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I've crafted a testnet p2sh address using python-bitcoinlib.

The script contents is 2-of-2 multisig: 2, key1, key2, 2, OP_CHECKMULTISIG

Redeem script:


Address: 2N1TtyXGR2kDpnaGkJNx17fPyURqgLDdEgd

I then generated and signed a transaction spending some funds. I used python-bitcoinlib's VerifyScript to check the transaction and no exceptions were raised.



It's been over 10 hours and the transaction hasn't been included in any blocks.

Is there some way to work out why that might be, or if there is something wrong with the transaction?

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    I can't find your transaction on any of the blockchain explorers, so I assume that it was either non-standard and wasn't propagated, or the fee was below minRelayTxFee. – Murch May 12 '17 at 20:20

The transaction needs a fee.

I mistakenly thought that testnet transactions didn't require fees, but the requirements are just lower. Given that this is spending a recent output and the amount is very small, it is being ignored. Do testnet networks require the same main network fee?

A transaction including a fee went through successfully: https://live.blockcypher.com/btc-testnet/tx/0119445bfc577bcd032a079b03d1534be91b01e789874a02f88b9234ab72429d/

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