I don't know any thing about bit coin , what I know that it digital currency maintained by people and not banks.

How do I start earning my bitcoins ? OK After earning this bitcoins ? What all things I can buy in real world or it just to pay for only services to service provider?


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1) From exchanges. Exchanges are many based on countries. UNOCOIN is a popular one for India. Alternatively, if your nationality is different from what I presumed, you can have a look at this site for many exchanges and wallets: COINDESK. You can create a bitcoin wallet here: BLOCKCHAIN

2) Have a look at this link for more detailed explanation: How do you obtain bitcoins?


You can spend them on websites/services which ACCEPT bitcoins as a mode of payment just like Paypal, Credit Card or Debit Card.


As a supplement to the buying process provided by @trollster -

If you would like to earn bitcoin (rather than paying for them directly) there are a few ways to do so. Mining is one example, but it requires purchasing specialized equipment and will likely entail a good deal of research as well. You might choose to sell goods or services in exchange for bitcoin.

A more simple and practical way to earn small amounts of bitcoin is by completing tasks or surveys online. There is an array of websites that offer this form of compensation - which will vary in terms of compensation level, accessibility, reputation, and reliability. From my own experience, I can attest to the fact that www.BitcoinGet.com did pay out (which was my biggest concern). Earning a full bitcoin through this medium alone would take quite a bit of time - but is the only option I can recommend that requires zero capital.

If you do want to earn some bitcoin in that manner, you should still create a bitcoin wallet and an address by following step 1 from @trollster

Welcome to Bitcoin!


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