In any case, the number of hash you create when mining is a good indicator of how well you do when updating BIOS. Many miner update BIOS and claim they easily got 29-30Mh/s on Ethash. Under standard BIOS we would have gotten 24Mh/s

I go here


I flash the rom using atiwinflash

The result is my computer won't boot

So I use original ram for my GPU and then change the value to match the ROM I downloaded from the link.

Polaris editor reports that everything is exactly the same. There is one number on top left that's green. I don't know what number is that.

enter image description here

Things load but speed drops to 20 Mh/s instead of up to 29 Mh/s

I used the recommended clock of 1125/2080

Which is much lower than my usual settings. I know.

If I raised the clock rate, the computer freeze.

Actually what kind of bios I should use for my system anyway? Is there any bios I can just flash as is? If so, how do I know it's the correct one?

I uses Sapphire nitro oc RX 480. The memory is samsung. The memory is supposedly 4GB but all Sapphire nitro RX 480 4GB with samsung memory contains 8GB memory actually.

There is another main difference between the 2 bios

My original bios have this number when opened in atiwinflash enter image description here


While bios I downloaded have this number


I have no idea what that number is and it doesn't seem like it's something polaris editor can change.

This is my GPU-z screenshot enter image description here

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