I have a wallet running on a raspbery pi and the SD card hit the skids, fortunatley I have a backup of the .iso from 1 month ago so I have recovered the entire state as of that time.

My only concern is over the keypool. I had increasead it to 1000 because I was testing issung a lot of transactions, my keypool was down to around 800 before my issue required the backup. Now my keypool is at 970 (as it was a month ago) and Im trying to figure out if thats going to cause a problem when a key that is already used in an existing TX is to be used again?


Try not to reuse keys/addresses.

Just call getnewaddress 200-times (RPC call in a loop).

Maybe call keypoolrefill afterwards (and do a backup again if you don't use HD [Core >=0.14]).

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