I am using test network with Electrum. I was trying to send BTC's to my other account for testing purpose. I used following inputs:

PayTo: mkjz22n7KPJbUrz39EnQyuAMM64kHbxGUE
Description: Transferred for Testing
Amount: 1 mBTC
Fee Slider: Max

I have selected dynamic fee from tools-->preferences. I have 975.0 mBTC in my account.

When I try to send Transaction, on the screen asking for Password, I can see:

Amount to be sent: 1 mBTC
Mining fee: 0.231 mBTC

On broadcasting the transaction, I get error like:

error: The transaction was rejected by network rules. (Missing inputs) [0100000001c134301949b84f41a7570e7556d47d88b645ec914a6291eb28432aa5a69ba082000000006a473044..

I am not sure if I am missing anything? I provided all the inputs asked in Send tab, the what does this missing input means?

  • Do you mind posting the full serialised transaction? That way we can check if something is missing. – sr-gi Apr 27 '17 at 13:31

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