I am learning crypto-currency developement. Right now i am compiling some wallets (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Pivx ) and getting into the building process with gitian. I also read the source code and see there is only a little change, based on which algorithm used (besides renaming some files or clustering options from main.cpp in bitcoin to chainparams.cpp in Dash/Pivx). Now of course i tried to modify that wallets to try how they work. It was pretty easy to get my own scrypt or sha256 merkle root / genesis block and also starting the wallet with the new one. But on x11 and quark algo i have a problem getting the genesisBlock assertion, it always fail (core dumped) and doesn't accept it. I generated X11 and Quark Genesis blocks with Python (x11_hash, quark_hash) with plz timestamp and epochtime set. Any idea what i am missing? Or should i generate the genesis with the wallet and write a script for that in chainparams.cpp ?

Thx for viewing Cheers

the relevant code in chainparams.cpp:

        const char* pszTimestamp = "Last week's global cyberattack was just the beginning";
        CMutableTransaction txNew;
        txNew.vin[0].scriptSig = CScript() << 486604799 << CScriptNum(4) << vector<unsigned char>((const unsigned char*)pszTimestamp, (const unsigned char*)pszTimestamp + strlen(pszTimestamp));
        txNew.vout[0].nValue = 250 * COIN;
        txNew.vout[0].scriptPubKey = CScript() << ParseHex("04c10e83b2703ccf322f7dbd62dd5855ac7c10bd055814ce121ba32607d573b8810c02c0582aed05b4deb9c4b77b26d92428c61256cd42774babea0a073b2ed0c9") << OP_CHECKSIG;
        genesis.hashPrevBlock = 0;
        genesis.hashMerkleRoot = genesis.BuildMerkleTree();
        genesis.nVersion = 4;
        genesis.nTime = 1494897196;
        genesis.nBits = 0x1e0ffff0;
        genesis.nNonce = 1101536;

        hashGenesisBlock = genesis.GetHash();
        assert(hashGenesisBlock == uint256("0xca97a0c442908551066b947a84a8f8cead70f0fe98844bd728fa6c5db055290b"));
        assert(genesis.hashMerkleRoot == uint256("0xec33e3943c6602564a53d0ded9dec33f88bbcc856cf768d4e6bb1feb39a74083"));

and the python generation script:

import hashlib, binascii, struct, array, os, time, sys, optparse
import scrypt

from construct import *

def main():
  options = get_args()

  algorithm = get_algorithm(options)

  input_script  = create_input_script(options.timestamp)
  output_script = create_output_script(options.pubkey)
  # hash merkle root is the double sha256 hash of the transaction(s) 
  tx = create_transaction(input_script, output_script,options)
  hash_merkle_root = hashlib.sha256(hashlib.sha256(tx).digest()).digest()
  print_block_info(options, hash_merkle_root)

  block_header        = create_block_header(hash_merkle_root, options.time, options.bits, options.nonce)
  genesis_hash, nonce = generate_hash(block_header, algorithm, options.nonce, options.bits)
  announce_found_genesis(genesis_hash, nonce)

def get_args():
  parser = optparse.OptionParser()
  parser.add_option("-t", "--time", dest="time", default=int(time.time()), 
                   type="int", help="the (unix) time when the genesisblock is created")
  parser.add_option("-z", "--timestamp", dest="timestamp", default="The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks",
                   type="string", help="the pszTimestamp found in the coinbase of the genesisblock")
  parser.add_option("-n", "--nonce", dest="nonce", default=0,
                   type="int", help="the first value of the nonce that will be incremented when searching the genesis hash")
  parser.add_option("-a", "--algorithm", dest="algorithm", default="SHA256",
                    help="the PoW algorithm: [SHA256|scrypt|X11|X13|X15]")
  parser.add_option("-p", "--pubkey", dest="pubkey", default="04c10e83b2703ccf322f7dbd62dd5855ac7c10bd055814ce121ba32607d573b8810c02c0582aed05b4deb9c4b77b26d92428c61256cd42774babea0a073b2ed0c9",
                   type="string", help="the pubkey found in the output script")
  parser.add_option("-v", "--value", dest="value", default=5000000000,
                   type="int", help="the value in coins for the output, full value (exp. in bitcoin 5000000000 - To get other coins value: Block Value * 100000000)")
  parser.add_option("-b", "--bits", dest="bits",
                   type="int", help="the target in compact representation, associated to a difficulty of 1")

  (options, args) = parser.parse_args()
  if not options.bits:
    if options.algorithm == "scrypt" or options.algorithm == "X11" or options.algorithm == "X13" or options.algorithm == "X15" or options.algorithm == "quark":
      options.bits = 0x1e0ffff0
      options.bits = 0x1d00ffff
  return options

def get_algorithm(options):
  supported_algorithms = ["SHA256", "scrypt", "X11", "X13", "X15", "quark"]
  if options.algorithm in supported_algorithms:
    return options.algorithm
    sys.exit("Error: Given algorithm must be one of: " + str(supported_algorithms))

def create_input_script(psz_timestamp):
  psz_prefix = ""
  #use OP_PUSHDATA1 if required
  if len(psz_timestamp) > 76: psz_prefix = '4c'

  script_prefix = '04ffff001d0104' + psz_prefix + chr(len(psz_timestamp)).encode('hex')
  print (script_prefix + psz_timestamp.encode('hex'))
  return (script_prefix + psz_timestamp.encode('hex')).decode('hex')

def create_output_script(pubkey):
  script_len = '41'
  OP_CHECKSIG = 'ac'
  return (script_len + pubkey + OP_CHECKSIG).decode('hex')

def create_transaction(input_script, output_script,options):
  transaction = Struct("transaction",
    Bytes("version", 4),
    StaticField("prev_output", 32),
    Bytes('input_script', len(input_script)),
    Bytes('out_value', 8),
    Bytes('output_script',  0x43),

  tx = transaction.parse('\x00'*(127 + len(input_script)))
  tx.version           = struct.pack('<I', 1)
  tx.num_inputs        = 1
  tx.prev_output       = struct.pack('<qqqq', 0,0,0,0)
  tx.prev_out_idx      = 0xFFFFFFFF
  tx.input_script_len  = len(input_script)
  tx.input_script      = input_script
  tx.sequence          = 0xFFFFFFFF
  tx.num_outputs       = 1
  tx.out_value         = struct.pack('<q' ,options.value)#0x000005f5e100)#012a05f200) #50 coins
  #tx.out_value         = struct.pack('<q' ,0x000000012a05f200) #50 coins
  tx.output_script_len = 0x43
  tx.output_script     = output_script
  tx.locktime          = 0 
  return transaction.build(tx)

def create_block_header(hash_merkle_root, time, bits, nonce):
  block_header = Struct("block_header",
    Bytes("hash_prev_block", 32),
    Bytes("hash_merkle_root", 32),
    Bytes("time", 4),
    Bytes("bits", 4),
    Bytes("nonce", 4))

  genesisblock = block_header.parse('\x00'*80)
  genesisblock.version          = struct.pack('<I', 1)
  genesisblock.hash_prev_block  = struct.pack('<qqqq', 0,0,0,0)
  genesisblock.hash_merkle_root = hash_merkle_root
  genesisblock.time             = struct.pack('<I', time)
  genesisblock.bits             = struct.pack('<I', bits)
  genesisblock.nonce            = struct.pack('<I', nonce)
  return block_header.build(genesisblock)

# https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Block_hashing_algorithm
def generate_hash(data_block, algorithm, start_nonce, bits):
  print 'Searching for genesis hash..'
  nonce           = start_nonce
  last_updated    = time.time()
  # https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Difficulty
  target = (bits & 0xffffff) * 2**(8*((bits >> 24) - 3))

  while True:
    sha256_hash, header_hash = generate_hashes_from_block(data_block, algorithm)
    last_updated             = calculate_hashrate(nonce, last_updated)
    if is_genesis_hash(header_hash, target):
      if algorithm == "X11" or algorithm == "X13" or algorithm == "X15":
        return (header_hash, nonce)
      return (sha256_hash, nonce)
     nonce      = nonce + 1
     data_block = data_block[0:len(data_block) - 4] + struct.pack('<I', nonce)  

def generate_hashes_from_block(data_block, algorithm):
  sha256_hash = hashlib.sha256(hashlib.sha256(data_block).digest()).digest()[::-1]
  header_hash = ""
  if algorithm == 'scrypt':
    header_hash = scrypt.hash(data_block,data_block,1024,1,1,32)[::-1] 
  elif algorithm == 'SHA256':
    header_hash = sha256_hash
  elif algorithm == 'X11':
      exec('import %s' % "xcoin_hash")
    except ImportError:
      sys.exit("Cannot run X11 algorithm: module xcoin_hash not found")
    header_hash = xcoin_hash.getPoWHash(data_block)[::-1]
  elif algorithm == 'X13':
      exec('import %s' % "x13_hash")
    except ImportError:
      sys.exit("Cannot run X13 algorithm: module x13_hash not found")
    header_hash = x13_hash.getPoWHash(data_block)[::-1]
  elif algorithm == 'X15':
      exec('import %s' % "x15_hash")
    except ImportError:
      sys.exit("Cannot run X15 algorithm: module x15_hash not found")
    header_hash = x15_hash.getPoWHash(data_block)[::-1]
  elif algorithm == 'quark':
      exec('import %s' % "quark_hash")
    except ImportError:
      sys.exit("Cannot run quark algorithm: module quark_hash not found")
    header_hash = quark_hash.getPoWHash(data_block)[::-1]
  return sha256_hash, header_hash

def is_genesis_hash(header_hash, target):
  return int(header_hash.encode('hex_codec'), 16) < target

def calculate_hashrate(nonce, last_updated):
  if nonce % 1000000 == 999999:
    now             = time.time()
    hashrate        = round(1000000/(now - last_updated))
    generation_time = round(pow(2, 32) / hashrate / 3600, 1)
    sys.stdout.write("\r%s hash/s, estimate: %s h"%(str(hashrate), str(generation_time)))
    return now
    return last_updated

def print_block_info(options, hash_merkle_root):
  print "algorithm: "    + (options.algorithm)
  print "merkle hash: "  + hash_merkle_root[::-1].encode('hex_codec')
  print "pszTimestamp: " + options.timestamp
  print "pubkey: "       + options.pubkey
  print "time: "         + str(options.time)
  print "bits: "         + str(hex(options.bits))

def announce_found_genesis(genesis_hash, nonce):
  print "genesis hash found!"
  print "nonce: "        + str(nonce)
  print "genesis hash: " + genesis_hash.encode('hex_codec')

  • Note: you can put an import statement within a try/catch. No need for exec. – Nick ODell May 29 '17 at 1:31

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