I have a very very long time not used my blockchain info account (it is from before blockchain info has new version) and I forgot my password + my second password, but I find this saved data from my wallet on my stick.

The data looks like:

    "guid": "8d07f7c2-b947-4b3d-80a7-3138dcf3fa80",
    "sharedKey": "eb8bab6b-f00a-4861-83b3-24d7b2938a74",
    "double_encryption": true,
    "dpasswordhash": "76296efc1718b4b57a4ebe0287a35ad4565bf84d4e4437963bd2d06a5b981b1f",
    "options": {
        "pbkdf2_iterations": 10,
        "fee_policy": 0,
        "html5_notifications": false,
        "logout_time": 600000,
        "tx_display": 0,
        "always_keep_local_backup": false,
        "transactions_per_page": 30,
        "additional_seeds": []
    "keys": [
            "created_device_name": "javascript_web",
            "addr": "132uY8ULMT6efFdqWjQ74BfaMt46MgpW2F",
            "priv": "mFmbijM0I7Vn7lOv3XcaayhjxXu0qkhd3gNapgknJdudpQn8H9zZw/uOZ/zZ2HDFDkgQV4n1ZX8VjX12qCymDw==",
            "created_device_version": "1.0",
            "created_time": 0
            "created_device_name": "merchant_api",
            "addr": "1AdbcgN8jFYqErMLiUfhFwSJ2jAa3qYCpv",
            "priv": "PG8w31iFpUiWdTjybhy3fK8Lb/VGqVChZxD0S7U4PgGsyLJbUKFNkipC8PMeD7oUt4HYHqmPzvWspHMyO/jSHQ==",
            "created_device_version": "1.0"

Its someone used blockchain info in last year was a export option for key - and that I will recompensate all professional help and working idea how to import this data in any type of new wallet to I can have access the coins.

  • Without the passwords, I believe your coins are 100% gone. You must try to remember your passwords. – abelenky May 19 '17 at 13:57

I'm guessing that the part that reads:


is your Address.

From this link, it appears that is a valid address, which has a current balance of less than $20.

Unless you can remember your address, your money is probably gone.


Due to the way the blockchain.info wallet works, without the password (and the second password if enabled), there's no way for you to recover your funds.

As a last resort, if you remember bits of the password, you can try to use services/software that'll try to bruteforce the wallet ; given the low balance of your addresses, I doubt it's worth it.

Sorry for your loss.

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