After my computer died and was rebuilt I'm trying to restore access to my bitcoin wallet.

I have my wallet words with I've confirmed are correct as I've used them in the past.

I try to restore my wallet by entering my wallet words, which are accepted, then select my backup which is located correctly. Then I get the restore report saying Backup location created Wallet Created security certificates wallet is synchronising. please wait until complete.

but as the wallet fails to create I don't think it can synchronise. the screen stays like this until I cancel.

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I have the same issue. It seems MultibitHD is not able to restore wallet at all. I removed everything related to it from AppData (first created backup), uninstalled application, restarted PC, installed again and tried to restore wallet. Wallet words accepted, wallet backup file loaded and last screen hangs with "X wallet not created" and "Synchronizing please wait till completed". It never completes I can tell.

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