I'd like to ask about addrindex patched bitcoin core by btcdrak. The diff between bitcoin core and the patch is the following.


My question is that searchrawtransactions RPC command does not retrieve my unconfirmed tx even though addrindex=1 is set and bitcoin-cli getrawmempool retrieve the tx.

The unconfirmed tx is retrieved by getrawmempool.

$ bitcoin-cli getrawmempool | grep 90e225e60dc36f3d323ffcf6897858e056681b8a9e015ee4371558c7b1f0241f

$ bitcoin-cli getrawtransaction 90e225e60dc36f3d323ffcf6897858e056681b8a9e015ee4371558c7b1f0241f

However, searchrawtransactions does not retrieve the tx.

$curl --user 'xxx:xxx' --data-binary '{"jsonrpc":"1.0","id":"curltext","method":"searchrawtransactions","params":["12sWrxRY7E7Nhmuyjbz4TtGE9jRewGqEZD", 1, 0, 100000]}' -H 'content-type:text/plain;' | grep 90e225e60dc36f3d323ffcf6897858e056681b8a9e015ee4371558c7b1f0241f

Have you ever seen this issue? I tried it on addrindex version 0.12.1 and 0.13.2.

I'm sure that unconfirmed txes are showed normally before. The recent high mempool size might be the cause.

I already posted this issue on github but I did not get answer for now. I need to fix it as soon as possible. So I posted this question here too. https://github.com/btcdrak/bitcoin/issues/20

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I am not a dev, so I can't tell for sure, but it appears addresses are indexed as they enter the blockchain.

I'm sure that unconfirmed txes are showed normally before.

How do you know? I mean, maybe you used this on a server where the state was different, and compared against a server which hadn't received the block by that time?

EDIT: see this https://www.bountysource.com/issues/6995691-jmcorgan-address-index-not-updated-immediately-upon-tx-broadcast

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