It has been more than 48 hours and my transaction is still unconfirmed. I'm using Blockchain wallet for awhile now and this has been the first time happening. I was wondering what is happening? https://blockchain.info/tx/f7bc86411b86473f5b33a15d61804e57652a7efceed6ddd5f1d64df076467cfe


Fee is not very high (considering the period) but it's a bit strange. After 72 h many miners drop transactions from their mempools. You may try to contact Blockchain, here's the ticket page link:


The fee is chosen automatically by Blockchain, so you can underline it's not your fault.

But for the future, remember you can choose the fee you want selecting Advanced:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Here you can find hints on the best value:


And I suggest you to google these terms, so that you can make suggestions to the Blockchain's staff and look cool, and, most important, you'll learn a lot (as I just did in the past hour)

Opt-in Replace-by-fee Full replace by fee Child Pays for Parent

These are all methods to unblock a transaction by rising the fee, but only Blockchain can do something.

Last but not least, your transaction may be confirmed by a nice miner.

Hope this helped!

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