Is anybody aware of websites that are secure and reliable which will sell BTC promptly? I made the rounds around my city today, but all of the BTC ATMs were tapped, and I'm beginning to feel a little helpless as I continue to watch the price grow and grow and grow...


there are lot of grate websites where you can buy bitcoin..

example: coinbase.com, blockchain.info

https://www.bitcoin.com/buy-bitcoin <-- here are some ways to buy http://cryptosort.com/wallet <-- here you could find something as well..

but if you are starter i suggest you to use coinbase, because there is simple interface and 3 cryptocurrencies available :)

  • mm.. yes.. you will need to verify identity but it takes seconds :) yeah, you can buy them there but probably some of them are scammers so be careful.. mm.. when i made my first wallet at coinbase i think it took max 30min to set it up and verify so.. :) – Cryptosort May 26 '17 at 9:58
  • it only takes second to create an account, verify identify, and start buying BTC on coinbase?!?!?! It should be noted that I have my own Bitcoin Core wallet. i would never wanna store my BTC in an exchange after what happened before. – oldboy May 27 '17 at 22:02

I buy Bitcoins and trade on Paxful

They have Escrow and 24/7 support & Moderators as well.

They have guides on how to buy bitcoin as well:

  • thanks i'll def check it out. if i were to buy BTC on Paxful, i could get it sent to my wallet right? – oldboy May 31 '17 at 19:39

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