I am trying to make bitcoin transaction graph, but I am not sure how to go about it. I have extracted the necessary data from blockchain like the sender, receiver, amount of bitcoins sent, transaction hash and the date and time when it first got included in the block. The format for which is shown below:-

TXID                                                                       Input Address                  Value               Output Address                    Time & Dates

363ec29e4fc43f97576423d0d522f5f0fc79c5c018c3a210c5644ab79a38041d                                        25.0301   [u'1CjPR7Z5ZSyWk6WtXvSFgkptmpoi4UM9BC']    2014-01-12 01:36:19

f264c5c36b624110201a27bd02883508d29dfe1f94975aa8cc652fb8bc1496a9 1AyHWFST4jhcdVs74Hd3pvCdafpktmiF8Y       299.0   [u'13vZBq8ayCzficfP3uwm52bctv5mSXKfM1']    2014-01-12 01:36:19

I am not sure what should be my first step towards constructing transaction graph. I am trying to use hadoopcryptoledger library available in Apache spark for doing so, but not sure how to use the result that I have extracted from blockchain for that. Do I first need to create a database to store my result? The file that contains the above information is in .txt format. Any help would be appreciated.


Can you provide an example or design document to illustrate where are you stuck?

Spark offers SparkX to create a Bitcoin transaction graph. There is an example on the hadoopcryptoledger web site: https://github.com/ZuInnoTe/hadoopcryptoledger/wiki/Using-Spark-Scala-Graphx-to-analyze-the-Bitcoin-transaction-graph

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