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I tried to move btc from my Bitcoin Core wallet to my Electrum wallet and thinking that I was in no hurry tried sending it with the minimum transaction fee. After several days with no confirmations, I found out that was a stupid idea as the transaction is sitting in purgatory while all others with higher fees are moving ahead of mine. Lesson learned.

I tried using abandontransaction to clear it and didn't have any success. Then I tried loading Bitcoin Core using zapwallettxes command and got it to clear and the coins were back in my wallet. I attempted to transfer to my Electrum wallet about 1 hour later only to find the transaction back in the history but still 0 confirmations. I tried using zapwallettxes and reloading with the same results but created a transfer to my Electrum wallet as soon as it was finished loading, this time making the transaction fee the fastest available. It has now been over 24 hours and still I have 0 confirmations on the new transaction. What am I missing here? I'm far from an expert at this, but do have some basic knowledge and can follow any directions given. Any help is much appreciated.


I'm not an expert, but have you tried setting the transaction to "abandoned" ? Also disabling the wallet broadcasting in the meanwhile?

You can check this two links on how to recover a wrong transaction and how to do a proper full rbf



( i am aware that by this time either the transaction is forgotten or confirmed but there would be more people that needs this answer (in fact that's how i got here))

  • The asker states "I tried using abandontransaction to clear it and didn't have any success." – Murch Jun 18 '17 at 17:42
  • Follow the steps on those links. For me, it didn't allowed me to mark as abandoned until i disabled the wallet connection. Also if the transaction hasn't been accepted yet you can still do an rbf. As soon as i tried the rbf my transaction got accepted (so be aware of that too). – Nande Jun 19 '17 at 0:02

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