I'm interested in Bitcoin but don't speak English well. Where can I find more information about Bitcoin, and get help with my questions in [my mothertongue]?

This is a canonical question to serve as a lightning rod for questions in Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic[1], or other non-English languages that we do not support here.

[1] listing languages I've already seen on Bitcoin.SE.


A good starting point is Bitcoin.org website:


The site content is available in several international languages and provides a good overview of Bitcoin, and links to many helpful resources.


Bitcointalk is a forum where you can exchange with others in different languages:

There are separate forum sections for Indonesian, Spanish, Chinese, Croation, German, Greek, Hebrew, French, Indian, Italien, Dutch, Korean, Filipino, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Turkish and sections for a number of other languages.


and, as this is a community driven project, and everyone can support (and you can help in the efforts on translation), have a look here: https://www.transifex.com/bitcoinbook/mastering-bitcoin/languages/ Andreas book "Mastering Bitcoin" has already been translated into many languages, and serves as a very good start into the matter.

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