I had transferred my Poloniex dogecoin cryptocurrency and accidentally sent it to a Bitcoin paperwallet using walletgenerator.net. It did go somewhere but do not know where. Is there someone to contact for missing cryptos? I thought the Dogecoin address is different than the bitcoin and would not transfer.

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Even though the address format is different (the prefix part) the transaction is valid so there will be a transaction on Dogecoin blockchain to the address.

I found a reddit thread where they suggest to save your private key in the Bitcoin client and import it to your Dogecoin client, although it is not certain this will work, I think this is your best chance, as transactions are irreversible by design.

In the original Bitcoin Core client you export in the debug window (based on this and this):

  • click on 'help' in the menu bar (top right)

  • click on 'debug window'

  • select the 'console' tab type: walletpassphrase "passphrase here" 600

  • type: dumpprivkey [address here]

Then to import navigate to the same window in Dogecoin client and

  • type importprivkey [private key here]

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