Any way that doesn't involve days of delay, verification etc? Are private traders available?


Provided there is someone near you who advertises on LocalBitcoins, it's probably the most effortless solution available at the moment.


We offer 3 deposit methods for UK users:

Faster Payments - https://blockchain.info/wallet/deposit-bank-transfer

PingIt - https://blockchain.info/wallet/deposit-pingit

Sofort Banking - https://blockchain.info/wallet/deposit-sofort-banking

  • This no longer works – Edson Medina Aug 21 '14 at 11:20

Localbitcoins.com is best for bank transfers now. You don't need to live near the seller, just have an account in GBP to transfer £ to the seller's account. You can search for all sellers within X miles of a city near the middle of the UK.

However be careful, since the Localbitcoins.com system isn't designed for bank transfers. Review the profiles carefully if you use this method.


You can use:



Both work fine.

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