I can get my salary with Bitcoin: https://bitwage.com/
I can get loans with Bitcoin: https://bitbond.com/ Can I pay my utility bills with Bitcoin? If the naming pattern follows, there's a https://bitutility.com out there for me. I just haven't found it, yet.

So far, I've found bitwala.com, but I can't tell if they require a name on the payment.

Say, hypothetically that a Bitcoin user had reason to ensure his name goes with his physical address on as few documents as possible.

Assuming that a Bitcoin user has a pseudonymous account, how can that user, in general terms, use Bitcoin to pay utility bills with Bitcoin anonymously?


  1. Anonymous PayPal
  2. One of those $200 prepaid VISA debit cards
  3. Cash at the Utility's office

I imagine that the issues are mostly logistics, as the companies do not care who pays a bill as long as it's paid, right?


If you are in canada, Bylls.com is exactly what you are looking for. It is for Canadians only though.


It looks like bitwala.com provides this service, although I'm not sure whether we may use it to pay bills in the US.

https://www.billpayforcoins.com/ and https://coinsfer.com/ look worth trying for this, too, but I'm not sure yet what level of privacy they allow, if any.

If they allow privacy, they could be used, perhaps, to anonymously pay someone else's bills as a surprise.

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