Ok, so I have this bitcoin wallet backup.

  • I have the 12 word seed
  • I have a password
  • I have a number in this format ****/** that I wrote down.

I made this backup on an android tablet. Not sure which app. I think "Bitcoin Wallet", which is android only, apparently.

I obviously would like to restore it, but I don't own anything android anymore. Any way I can do this on any Mac/iOS app?

  • I tried putting my backup in Electrum's wallet folder, with no success.
  • I tried decrypting it as described here. Not sure what I'm supposed to do with the "decrypted" file that is as unreadable as the original.


Update : I tried restoring with Multibit, which I read was compatible with Android Bitcoin Wallet because bitcoinj. Multibit accepted my seed and the ****/** number as a timestamp, did not recognize the backup file (which according to MB docs is not a big deal) and went on an all-night journey to 'sync' with the network.

In the morning I had a new wallet with 0 bitcoins in it.

Does this mean my wallet was empty all along? That I'm using the wrong seed? That I just need to find an old Android phone to try again?

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This is what I would do:

  • Find/borrow an android device (from a friend, relative, co-worker, etc)
  • Install the Bitcoin software you used to have
  • Restore the wallet from the seed (when restoring from a seed, in most cases the password isn't needed, because you can set a new password after the restoration of the seed)
  • Make a new transaction and transfer all bitcoins to the new wallet address on iOS/OSx

Caution! The seed is the most important thing you have. Don't show/give the seed to anyone because they can recreate the wallet!

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