My Bitcoin Core wallet did not receive BTCs; it is already syncronized. The transaction was submitted from Bitstamp on the 18th of July, as withdrawal. In Bitcoin Core I selected the receive button, then I copied the address in Bitstamp withdrawal, then I submitted the transaction. In Bitstamp everything appears to be ok, the amount has been transferred. Ok but transferred where? In Bitcoin Core nothing arrived ... Can anyone help? Thank you


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According to the Blockchain, you transferred 0.01 bitcoins to the address 1NEf87g56TMDJLUs9JfXzyenz2EUUSMqj1

If you can see this Bitcoin address in Bitcoin Core wallet (Menu File > Receiving addresses) and Core is fully synchronized then something is wrong, as this shouldn't happen (see below). If you can't see this address, maybe you created/opened a different wallet and then you need to open the correct wallet, containing this address.

You could try to re-scan the blockchain for missed transactions, that is transactions that don't appear in Core. Exit Core completely (Menu File > Exit), wait for the program to exit and then start it by adding the command line option -rescan This might take a long time, depending on the speed of your computer and hard disk.


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