I am a little lost in the whole political landscape of implementing SegWit, I understand that Bitcoin Core is for SegWit but are the miners against it? If not then who is against it and what is their proposal?

I have tried googling to no avail.

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SegWit is a large protocol update developed by Bitcoin Core to address some protocol defects, increase the capacity, and lay the groundwork for further protocol improvements in the future. As such, it has broad support among the Bitcoin Core contributors. It also has broad support among node operators with 85%+ being segwit ready, and decent support among Bitcoin businesses. The softfork was ready for activation since November but had been lacking signalling by miners. This impasse was broken by a combination of the New York Agreement (NYA) that spawned the segwit2x project and the pressure exerted by BIP148 (the UASF).

There is a vocal minority that proposes scale on-chain primarily. Some of them are opposed to segwit altogether, some want it in a different form as for example a hardfork, some of them just prefer bigger blocks but want segwit later as well. The NYA seems to have been found especially to satisfy their wish for a hardfork to a bigger blocksize, where some parts of the community aren't too keen on the 2x part of that. A small group of them has now decided to preempt the decision by creating Bitcoin Cash today which removed segwit and changed the blocksize to 8MB.

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