I keep my BTC in Bitcoin Core wallet. I would like to start using my BCC but full node is downloading whole blockchain. How can I avoid it?


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If you don't need a BCC full node, you can use an SPV wallet like Electrum (see instructions on BCC here).


If you want to support BCC without downloading blockchain, there are two options.

1) Bitcoin ABC + pruning

Pruning allows your Bitcoin-Qt/BU/ABC to work as a node without downloading the entire blockchain.

See this on how to prune: Can Bitcoin-Qt be configured to trim the blockchain?

2) Electron Cash

Electron Cash is the changed version of Electrum SPV client with BCC support. As it's a SPV client, ----it won't download the entire blockchain-----, as change suggested by @Pieter Wuille, SPV clients do download the blockchain, they just don't store entire blocks, they keep only the required parts.

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    Pruning does not mean you don't download the chain; only that you don't store it after validation. Commented Aug 2, 2017 at 15:00

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