I have a node which is giving inconsistent results from RPC:

$ bitcoin-cli getbalance 
$ bitcoin-cli getbalance "*" 1
$ bitcoin-cli getbalance "" 1
$ bitcoin-cli getbalance * 1
$ bitcoin-cli listaccounts
  "": 1.90937153

Not sure how can I interpret this. Does my wallet have 0, 0.01647763 or 1.90937153? Documentation for getbalance says that if you don't pass any arguments, the defaults are * (all accounts) and 1, but when I specify those arguments, the result is not the same.

What are the real defaults when not specifying arguments to getbalance?

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    Is your shell replacing * with something else? What happens if you run echo getbalance * 1 ?
    – Nick ODell
    Aug 15, 2017 at 23:40

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I think I've hit a bitcoin-core bug that may happen in weird circumstances (such as when trying to send a transaction which the node refuses to send, by returning a "rejected" error code). After I restarted the server, the transaction showed up in the bitcoin network, and the getbalance RPC calls started to be consistent again.

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