I'm testing a C# port of the client on the Test network and need to test for a variety of conditions.

  • Should I communicate to others regarding my actions on the network? If so, what method of communication should I use?

  • Is there any expected behavior I should / should not do on the Test network such as mine with FPGA or ASIC?

  • Suppose I want to co-operatively test the resilience and response to invalid blocks and network attacks, should I do it on the test network? Where would I coordinate this?


Testnet code has been modified to lessen the impact of fluctuations of hashing power mining against testnet:

If you wish to test against your own testnet, or think you might interfere with others needlessly, then Testnet-In-A-Box is for you.

Now this doesn't mean you shouldn't use Testnet -- especially if you find something you think might be disruptive to bitcoin. Feel free to verify your suspicions on Testnet even if it slams it hard. That's why it exists.

  • As far as communications, the #bitcoin-dev IRC channel (Freenode) is where a lot of development banter occurs. Dec 18 '12 at 0:06

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