i want to download latest stable bitcoin-core src files. and want to build it on my system from source.

here is latest src of bitcoin-core but its not stable for production ready environment.


https://bitcoin.org/en/download shows latest version as

Latest version: 0.14.2

so where can i download src files of version 0.14.2


The Bitcoin Core source code is in a git repository. The repository has multiple branches and tags. The branches are source trees for a major version (e.g. 0.14 releases) and tags are for individual releases.

If you want to use the latest stable version of Bitcoin Core, run the following command:

git checkout v0.14.2

If you want to use the latest source for the 0.14 version series, use

git checkout 0.14
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As you can see here the latest version is now the more stable version. As the most recent changes are for bug fixes, etc.

This is a new minor version release, including various bugfixes and performance improvements, as well as updated translations.

If you download a previous version this version may contain those fixed bugs.

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