i want to download latest stable bitcoin-core src files. and want to build it on my system from source.

here is latest src of bitcoin-core but its not stable for production ready environment.


https://bitcoin.org/en/download shows latest version as

Latest version: 0.14.2

Update 1 :

Looks like git checkout is what i am looking for.

  • hmmm, 14.2 is latest version, stable. What do you mean by not being stable for your production environment? Aug 18, 2017 at 11:09
  • @pebwindkraft i did git clone github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin , compile, build after running and doing bitcoin-cli getinfo i am getting "errors": "This is a pre-release test build - use at your own risk - do not use for mining or merchant applications"
    – user10603
    Aug 18, 2017 at 12:33

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  1. git clone [email protected]:bitcoin/bitcoin.git
  2. git checkout tag_name

the latest version must be v0.15.0.1 now. so the command is : git checkout v0.15.0.1


You have to know which version is currently 'stable'. It's currently the 0.14 version. Just checkout the 0.14 branch from github. This will track 0.14.x versions.

You git pull and then make. Simples!

git clone [email protected]:bitcoin/bitcoin.git

git tag

Find latest stable version (without "rc" on its name)

git checkout tag_name

*"rc" stands for release candidate

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