Now that segwit is active I am interested to know how many segwit transactions are in each block.

The Blockchain explorers I've looked at don't seem to be tracking this info.

Is there any service that would allow me to view the number of segwit transactions which are in each block.


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segwit.party/charts has an overview of SegWit related statistcs. They show:

  • Percentage of SegWit transactions per block
  • Count of segwit transactions and total transactions
  • Percentage of witness size of complete block
  • Actual witness size and block size

Look here under "Transactions (Segwit)" tab:


And here's a page showing exactly what you're looking for:



There is new blockexplorer called yogh.io which specifically shows fields in segwit tx. You can ask them to add number of segwit tx in block, should be easy to do. Or fork their github code and make any changes you require

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