I've been decoding some transactions on Testnet, and I've found one that bitcoin-cli decoderawtransaction seems to "fail" to decode correctly.

Here's the TXID: 400bb081cfea4802a1cdd8c365c886b9ccc0da59addd3d0b1f92cf0c04870738

For example:

1) You can retrieve the raw data as normal:

bitcoin-cli getrawtransaction 400bb081cfea4802a1cdd8c365c886b9ccc0da59addd3d0b1f92cf0c04870738


2) But when you decode that same raw data, you get this TXID:

  "txid": "ec4529406c0f8fb337114a3b8e270dd6e3ec9712299daa3eb17d1fc69aa58251",
  "hash": "ec4529406c0f8fb337114a3b8e270dd6e3ec9712299daa3eb17d1fc69aa58251",
  "size": 192,
  "vsize": 192,


Why is decoderawtransaction returning this TXID?

This is a segwit transaction, and it is returning the full hash for the TXID (including the witness data). Why?


Here are some more:

  • a24cec50d5cf861d1af4b634f8ed1968c0e9484724bfef5af7f8c383605978c8 (testnet)
  • 1f3f7e0543f4eeb88d2e04a2e4d04e4ef321ebc69e58e9bfd607c7d2b565ea66 (testnet)
  • Can you include the full output of the decoderawtransaction?
    – Ava Chow
    Aug 30, 2017 at 15:16

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decoderawtransaction in 0.14.2 has some issues with decoding segwit transactions. Sometimes it will decode segwit transactions as non-segwit. These should mostly be fixed in Bitcoin Core 0.15.0.


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