When I use bitcoin-cli -testnet to generate a 2-of-3 address, the code:

bitcoin-cli -testnet createmultisig 2 '''

the result is

"address": "2MzSwUwBc1xuNHwRotwrdFugLvju8VV9uPT",

But when I use bitcoinjs-lib, the code is:

var pubKeys = [
return new Buffer(hex, 'hex');

var redeemScript = bitcoin.script.multisig.output.encode(2, pubKeys); // 2 of 3
var scriptPubkey = bitcoin.script.scriptHash.output.encode(bitcoin.crypto.hash160(redeemScript));
var address = bitcoin.address.fromOutputScript(scriptPubkey);

Now the address changed to


How could this happen? Did I do something wrong?

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you run bitcoinjs-lib in main-net mode and it generates the human-readable address for main-net

bitcoin-cli you execute with -testnet parameter and got address for test-net

you can check that these hashes are the same:



both are 4f0017ef9291b625bec1d7efacc246a37b293682

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