I have transaction id, how can I get a fee of this transaction from blockchain.info? For example I see that this transaction https://blockchain.info/tx/https://blockchain.info/tx/963b9f407aabf8ebca660763bc5d3e8800eb6a5dffaf692cd061f0525ee770e1 has 0.00105453 BTC fee, but there is no such number in json data https://blockchain.info/tx/963b9f407aabf8ebca660763bc5d3e8800eb6a5dffaf692cd061f0525ee770e1?format=json

I'm new in bitcoin and I'm trying to write some scripts.

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Sorry, I think I have found how to calculate transaction fee. So we have to subtract sum of out values from inputs.prev_out.value.

  • it should be calculate from json out and input value subtract.
    – xds2000
    Oct 13, 2018 at 6:33

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