I have no idea on what lm doing l deposited $50 to a gaming site and won a little so want to get some of my winnings back to my keycard savings account but l have no idea how to do this lll enclose a photo, the gaming place asks for a Wallet Address which l did and withdrew $40 to my Bitcoin Wallet Address but now l don't know what to do next how do l get it from now the Bitcoin Wallet to my actual Bank Account any help would be appreciated as lm so way outta what l need to do its all just so hard Regards Mark Brown enter image description here

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  • Hello Mark, I'm not sure how anybody could help you, since we don't even know what site you're referring to. If you have issues using a commercial website, the most likely source of information would be the operator of said site. Please try to check their FAQ or contact their support. – Murch Sep 13 '17 at 21:15

It looks as though you are not actually attempting to withdraw Bitcoin. Rather, it looks as though you have gambled with dollars, and are being asked how you would like to withdraw your money from the site. In this withdrawl, they are simply offering Bitcoin as one of their payout options.

Bitcoin is not something that can be 'withdrawn' in this regard; it is essentially a commodity that is exchanged between two people. You sell your Bitcoin to someone else who is willing to buy it at the agreed price.

With this 'Method: Bitcoin' you are seeing, you are essentially being asked to private a public key address in which the owner of Joe Fortune would deposit the equivalent market value of Bitcoin into. It's essentially like being asked to provide a bank account number in order for Joe Fortune to deposit funds into.

One Bitcoin is currently worth ~$4,635 USD, so instead of getting a payment of ~$310 USD, you would get a payment of ~0.07 Bitcoin (BTC).

Hope this helps! :)


Bitcoin cannot be 'withdrawn' to a bank account, it is a separate currency, in the same way that you can't 'withdraw' Indian Rupees to US dollars without exchanging. To get 'real money', you need to exchange/sell your bitcoin with some person or exchange platform, and have them pay the money into your bank account.

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