Sent .10 from my Electrum to my trezor. Now more than 30 comfirmations, but not showing on my Trezor Balance. Put in a ticket with support have not heard back. Here is my trezor receiving address and the block explorer validates confirmations. 1PZz1GAhtVx4nWg4Me85jFe3Xg3anoGPLR
Sept-7/17 Any ideas. Would like to have the funds recorded so I can spend them.


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Sent .10 from my Electrum to my trezor

Yes you did:


But then you sent it somewhere else afterwards:


If you follow it forward, you'll see that the majority currently unspent (0.09373173 BTC) was last sent to address: 1CMoma2Qq5SdaynYaU4yJrLdhQ7mFFsREN

Edit: It was later moved, so I suppose you have control of funds again: blockexplorer.com/tx/1133a9f13708649c0f7aa431013c75a87a0e87efc92ee0b293f10107f7d3c3b8

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