As I understand, Zcash shielded and deshielded transactions use a JoinSplit when converting notes from shielded to transparent (and vice versa).

vpub_old - is the value that the JoinSplit transfer removes from the transparent value pool, and vpub_new - is the value that the JoinSplit transfer inserts into the transparent value pool, signify how much is being transferred.

Can the vpub_old and vpub_new both simultaneosly have values in the same Zcash transaction? If so, is there an example transaction in practise?


As per reading the ZCash protocol specification (2017.0) I have found my answer.

Each (transaction) of these describes a JoinSplit transfer which takes in a transparent value and up to two input notes, and produces a transparent value and up to two output notes.

So I believe this answers the question as a transaction can have two input notes and two output notes, meaning a max vjoinsplit length of 4 with Upto two vpub_ins and two vpub_outs

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