How much bandwidth consumption can I expect per 13 Thash/s rig (Pooled). I'm Buying an s9 antminer, and i live in lebanon ( bad connection ).what do u guys advise me to do? Does the internet speed affect ? What the speed required in order to mine correclty? How much data does it use monthly ? Note: Assuming that i ll mine 24/7 Thank you so much!


To clarify, For solo mining a fast internet connection DOES matter, but in the case of a pool, it's a lot less.

On Stratum with variable difficulty, you should need ~1kbps (0.125 KB/sec). It doesn't matter how fast you are, which is why the new protocols were implemented. 1 GH/s, 1 TH/s, 1 PH/s, with proper server implementation it should all use the same bandwidth per connection.`

You should need barely any bandwidth for pool mining. If you watch packets between your rig and the server, they make up a very small amount of data (1-10kb?) The requirements are extremely small for most of them. This would be ~10 MB per day.

It also depends on the pool you're going to mine on.

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