Forgive me for my ignorance, but here's my situation.

  1. Sent transaction from Nano S to GDAX address with zero fee
  2. Transaction was unconfirmed for 3+ days
  3. Transaction is now 'not found' and 0 BTC
  4. Hardwallet is not in-sync with the blockchain (Nano S still shows unconfirmed transaction)

With this said, do I need to restore my private keys onto another wallet (from what I read)?

And, if so, what are the dummy steps in retrieving, using private keys and how to restore the correct ledger balance on my Nano S?

I'm completely lost on what I need to do to remedy the problem and, more importantly, the exact steps to get my BTC back into my wallet.

P.S. I did a reset on my Nano Ledger S and the wallets does not display any operations/transactions

I have a significant amount that is now currently in limbo so your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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