I have a test BitGo account, and there are test wallets. One of this wallet has 1.1000 TBTC (test btc). I want to send transaction uses BitGo API.

I do this request:


with this headers: Content-Type application/json Authorization Bearer "my_token"

and this body:

{ "address":"address_where_i_send", "amount":0.1, "walletPassphrase":"my_test_passphrase" }

and I get this response:

{ "error": "sub-dust-threshold amount for 2N4ebmhA3FDuPiULXUEu1jBdPc3y2hk1NrD: 0.5", "message": "sub-dust-threshold amount for 2N4ebmhA3FDuPiULXUEu1jBdPc3y2hk1NrD: 0.5" } Can somebody explain why I have this response, and how fix it? (I have V2 BTC wallet)


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According to BitGo Documentation:

amount number Yes Amount to be sent (in Satoshis), e.g. 0.1 * 1e8 for a tenth of a Bitcoin


So, the amount should be passed as 0.1 * 1e8 = 10000000


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