I have a visualization that shows realtime bitcoin transactions plotted on earth: https://blocks.wizb.it.

I relies on blockchain.info's websocket API, which used to include the relay IP per transaction but unfortunately it is now always including instead of a public IP. I've tweeted them about it, but I am looking for an alternative. Does anyone know one?

I am running a full node already, however it is not well connected enough to do this myself and actually get more than 10 different peers.

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It looks like a blockchain.info API bug.




"relayed_by": "",

Note: I have no association with either API, but I have used Blockchain.info before, and know it can be buggy.

Also, relayed_by: means that blockchain.info relayed it themselves.

  • Ah blockcypher also has a WS API, I can use this until blockchain.info recovers. Thanks!
    – askmike
    Sep 27, 2017 at 9:15

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