Over time there seems to be a trend towards consolidation of wealth to a small number of individuals in human society.

Are there cryptocurrencies with any properties that could help prevent that happening?

Or, are there any properties a cryptocurrency could have that would achieve that aim?

Some years ago, there was a cryptocurrency called Freicoin that had built in demurrage, where the value of currency held by an individual would decrease over time. I understand this was intended to encourage spending rather than saving.

Possibly the concept of demurrage is a valid one even if the Freicoin cryptocurrency project was essentially unsuccessful in remaining viable. I suspect that due to the nature of demurrage, it may require people to choose to use the currency because they thought it was good for society rather than as a way to earn wealth with little work.

To be clear, I'm not asking this question to raise a discussion, I'm asking it to learn out about any discussions that have occurred or concepts that have already been considered.