I've been using Blocktrail's API:


to get data for the following unspent address on the testnet:


Blocktrail's API returns the index as 4, whereas blockexplorer's:


and smartbit's APIs:


both return an index of 0. Am I missing something here?

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both return an index of 0.

0 is the correct answer here.

Am I missing something here?

Not sure.

I can't reproduce your problem. I'm querying blocktrail like this:

curl https://api.blocktrail.com/v1/tbtc/address/2N6qMqR9D4BTkD6fS1h6Sq3kRV2FeB1L14j/transactions?api_key=MY_APIKEY

and that returns all of the transactions for the address, none of which have an index of 4.

Can you post the line of code that calls their API?

  • Thanks for taking the time to look into this! It turns out that I was querying for address instead of transaction (js): blocktrailClient.address((2N6qMqR9D4BTkD6fS1h6Sq3kRV2FeB1L14j), (err, address) => {console.log(address)}) Oct 13, 2017 at 10:34

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