There are plenty of APIs for pushing to the Bitcoin network, like Smartbit's:


However, the only API I found for Bitcoin Cash was Blocktrail's:


And they do not seem to have a basic push endpoint.

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I have listed a lot of Bitcoin Cash block explorers here, and most of them are Insight block explorers so I thought they should have Insight API. I checked all of them and the ones with API are:


All the websites listed in MCCCS' answer are no longer operational.

Instead, you can use https://rest.bitcoin.com/#/rawtransactions/sendRawTransactionSingle and paste in your raw transaction after you press the "try it" button.

Alternatively, you can use this command: curl -X GET "https://rest.bitcoin.com/v2/rawtransactions/sendRawTransaction/{your_raw_tx_here}" -H "accept: */*", replacing {your_raw_tx_here} by your raw transaction.


You can now use this awesome tool: https://bch.info/en/tools/broadcast to broadcast Bitcoin Cash transactions.

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