I know mycellium has a feature for BTC where you can spend partial amounts from a Bitcoin cold paper wallet. Is there something like this for a LTC Litecoin cold paper wallet? I just want to spend a few ltc, but not sweep the entire paper wallet.


You can import the private key, spend part of it, send the change back to the same address, and delete the key. This would leave a lesser amount in the same paper wallet, but is generally not a good practice (address reuse).

Also, if the address has multiple inputs, you can just spend X if Y distinct inputs with exact change and that will work too.

litecoin-cli importprivkey 1LYourPrivateKeyThatIsWrittenOnThePaperThatYouWantToKeepForSomeReason
  • how do you send the change back to the same address with that command? or is it by default? Oct 18 '17 at 14:23
  • Just use the GUI if that's available to you. Otherwise: 1) List all the unspent inputs for your address: litecoin-cli listunspent 1 99999999 '''["paperWALLETpublicKEY"]'' then 2) do the math and create a raw transaction sending your spend amount to wherever and the change back to you: litecoin-cli createrawtransaction '[{ "txid" : "<txid_of_selected_block>", "vout" : <vout>}]' '{"<recipient_address>": <amount_to_send>, "<sender_address>": <amount_change>}' then 3) sign it and send it to the blockchain.
    – Luke Mlsna
    Oct 18 '17 at 15:12

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