That's probably very noob question, but I am new in Bitcoin and cannot find clear help. I downloaded Linux Bitcoin wallet from the official page, its name is Bitcoin-com-wallet-3.6.0-linux64.tar.gz. I want to just install it and run, but after unpacking I found many executable files and no README. Instructions found on the web write about ./autogen.sh and ./configure files, but I cannot find it there neither. What should I do?

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    Just to clarify, Bitcoin.com is not "the official page of Bitcoin", it is a for-profit project controlled by a controversial figure in the Bitcoin community. Bitcoin is a distributed opensource project, thus there is no "official" wallet, but you can find an overview of various wallets here: bitcoin.org/en/choose-your-wallet.
    – Murch
    Oct 19 '17 at 18:07

I'm not sure if this package is official Bitcoin-com-wallet-3.6.0-linux64.tar.gz. I suggest you to download from https://bitcoin.org. There are several wallet programs for desktop, web, mobile, etc. Here is an list.

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