I sent a test transaction earlier today. It shows up in Blockchain.info but not in the Electrum wallet.

There are more than 20 confirmations already.

Electrum version: 2.6.4

Why is the transaction not showing up and how can I fix this?

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Looks like the problem has been resolved. Seemingly it may have been caused by Electrum being too old in terms of version number. A simple update using the website instructions appears to have solved the issue and I can now see the balance. New version number: 2.9.3

  • I have version 3.0.3 same thing, some transactions shows on blockchain.info but not in electrum. over 40 confirmations. – Viacheslav Bakshaev Jan 6 '18 at 18:53

For me it was a GAP issue. Blockchain.info checks the 21st empty wallet, and Electrum checks only 20th. so, if you got money on 21st, Blockchain.info shows it. and all the latest.

fix was: 1) sending money to the empty 19th wallet 2) export private keys for resync.

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