I successfully completed my first attempt to configure my Raspberry Pi for Bitcoin mining with a GekkoScience USB Antstick and Minera; however, after installing additional Antsticks, my env somehow became corrupted which ultimately lead me to wipe my Raspberry Pi and install a fresh copy of Raspian and reinstalling Minera- my question is this: should I have re-compiled Minera after installing additional Antsticks, as detailed within screenshot below captured from the Minera manual-install page?

enter image description here

I've detailed my Minera install-process within the following Gist if that helps clarify- basically, I'd like to avoid any future complications after installing additional Antsticks or miners because more are on the way! Thank you.

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Ok, any hardware additions to an existing Raspberry Pi * Minera environment or any adjustments to the hardware parameters specified in Minera Settings > Manual-options do indeed require recompiling cgminer. In order to resolve, proceed with the following:

  1. cd /var/www/minera
  2. sudo nano build_miner.sh
  3. Scroll down to the cgminer config and append -enable-blockerupter so the entire line displays CGMINER_CONFIG="--enable-avalon2 --enable-bflsc --enable-bitforce --enable-bitfury --enable-drillbit --enable-hashfast --enable-icarus --enable-klondike --enable-modminer --enable-blockerupter"
  4. Exit and Write.
  5. Run sudo ./build_miner.sh all
  6. Upon compiling, exit from your host-session, unplug the antsticks, power-cycle the Raspberry Pi and then plug-in antsticks.
  7. Log-in to the Raspberry Pi and sign-in to Minera- you should see verifiable success displayed in the Minera Dashboard > Device Tree.

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