I have been looking into mining recently and i realize that i am a bit late to the bubble bu would still like to invest in building my own rig and start mining Altcoins such as ETH and Zcash. Now to choosing the build to go for i came to the conclusion that the more gpu's you put into the same motherboard system the better as it would be more cost efficient as the Gpu's are the part that's gonna be doing most of the work. So theoretically to cut even with the initial investment The more gpu's in the same machine the better... But then would that be a good idea to go as far as the newest 19 gpu motherboards to be cost efficient ? or with a 7 Gpu motherboard or simply put 2 gpu's without risers directly on the motherboard? My question is simply what option would be the most optimal considering maintenance and possible issues that Miners that have already done this could have had witch each one. Pros and cons. Thanks in advance !

  • This is probably off-topic for this site, as the core question relates to optimisation and will likely quickly become out of date as new hardware is released. – Highly Irregular Oct 26 '17 at 20:39

Mining with GPU isn't rentable anymore. At least you could try to get an Asic Miner, even with it's existence your earnings are pretty low.

At least more profitable than with 2-3 GPUs. Believe me or not, without $3000 Mining Hardware you can't earn enough to pay your electricity bills.

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    Thank you for your response, i apreciate it. That being said it's been nearly two months and meanwhile i decided to Try it out. So i bought 3 GTX 1080TI's (that's roughly $2100) And i'm currently doing around $15-19 Per day (About $450-570 a month) And since Electricity is pretty cheap where i live ($0.05 per kWh) I'm pretty happy with my investment Haha. – B. Yazid Dec 17 '17 at 22:31

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