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I, as well, have $10 bitcoin in my wallet, I notice the value does fluctuate. However, will the value fluctuate the same in a $100 wallet, as if it were $10?

In other words, my $10 is now $11.72, does that mean the value of a $100 wallet will be $101.72, or will the value be much higher?

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As per one of the answers for the question you referenced, it does depend on how you express value.

Your example of $10 increasing to $11.72 is an increase in value of 17.2%

If you ignored any transaction fees, and any effects of market depth, then it would be reasonable to assume that $100 with the same percentage increase of 17.2% would become worth $117.20.

If wallet software took into account the cost of transaction fees, then a higher balance may justify a bigger percentage increase, based on the anticipated transaction fees for spending the funds.

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if your bitcoin equivalent value of 10$ became 11.72$, then 100$ will be 10 times the value - at 117.20 (not 101.72 - I assume this was just a typo).

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